Church in Pakistan Attacked by Islamist Mobs with Caustic Chemicals

Islamabad, Pakistan – In a disturbing trend of violence against churches in Pakistan’s Punjab province, another church was recently targeted by Islamist mobs. These attackers poured caustic chemicals on the church and set it ablaze, leading to its destruction. This incident comes seven months after similar attacks on churches in the region, leaving the local … Read more

Chemicals in Sewage System Cause Loud Explosion in Hastings, Nebraska – Residents Urged to Be Cautious

HASTINGS, Neb. – A loud explosion rocked Woodland Avenue on Jan. 17, leaving residents puzzled and city officials on a mission to uncover the cause. The blast was traced back to a manhole cover shooting into the air and shattering on the pavement. Upon investigation, the Hastings Fire & Rescue department discovered a dangerous buildup … Read more