Bali Killer Seeks Prison Time Credit for Overseas Incarceration

CHICAGO, IL – U.S. prosecutors in Chicago are seeking a 28-year prison sentence and maximum fines for Heather Mack, who brutally killed her mother at a luxury resort in Bali a decade ago. Mack, 28, pleaded guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to kill a United States national for her mother’s slaying in 2014. … Read more

New Orleans Sees Decrease in Murders in 2023, But Data Analyst Hesitant to Credit Local Initiatives

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Murders in New Orleans dropped in 2023 compared to recent years, according to data analyst Jeff Asher. The total number of people killed in the city was 193, a decrease from 266 in 2022. Asher, who analyzes crime statistics for the New Orleans City Council, pointed out that the significant decrease … Read more