“Murder” Suspect Alleges Ex-Husband Offered $200,000 in High-Profile Art Dealer Killing

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Alejandro Triana Prevez confessed to the murder of New York art dealer Brent Sikkema, alleging that Sikkema’s ex-husband, Daniel Sikkema, offered $200,000 for the killing, according to Brazilian authorities. The case on the art dealer’s murder has been closed by Brazilian authorities, who are seeking to arrest Daniel Sikkema for … Read more

New Orleans Rapper and Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty to Murder in Federal Court

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – A New Orleans rapper and drug dealer, Larry “Lah” Rowel, has pleaded guilty to murder in federal court on Thursday. Rowel admitted to committing a retaliatory, drug-related homicide in 2019 and distributing cocaine and marijuana, among other federal charges. He was affiliated with a gang called “Spazz Gang” that operated in … Read more

Muderabilia Dealer Earns Fortune from Gary Ray Bowles’ Prison Trainers and Serial Killer Relics

A Florida couple has made a fortune selling items associated with notorious criminals, from paintings by serial killers to gruesome human remains. Chad Sheppard and Chelsea Evelynn run a unique dealership called “Murderabilia,” which deals in true crime relics that have captured the fascination of collectors worldwide. Their most sought-after items are those connected to … Read more

Drug Dealer Sentenced to 135 Months in Prison for Overdose Death of Savage Man

SAVAGE, Minn. – A 34-year-old man from Woodbury, Tino Andre Jones Jr., was sentenced to 135 months in prison on December 22 for pleading guilty to third-degree murder in the overdose death of a man in Savage. The murder conviction in drug overdose cases is a rarity, and the successful prosecution was attributed to the … Read more

Drug Dealer Sentenced to 135 Months in Prison for Overdose Death

Savage, Minnesota – A man from Woodbury, Tino Andre Jones Jr., has been sentenced to 135 months in prison for the third-degree murder of a Savage man due to a drug overdose. This conviction is considered to be a significant victory as murder charges are difficult to secure in drug overdose cases. The successful prosecution … Read more