Devastated Joel Osteen Vows ‘Evil Will Not Prevail’ After Houston Megachurch Shooting

Houston, Texas – Renowned pastor Joel Osteen expressed his devastation after a shooting incident occurred at his 45,000-seat megachurch in Houston. The Lakewood Church, one of the largest churches in the United States, reportedly hosted a night of worship and prayers when the shooting took place. Osteen, known for delivering motivational sermons and spreading messages … Read more

Serial Killer Robert Black: The Evil Crimes and Haunting Legacy of a Notorious Murderer

Stow, Scotland – Notorious serial killer Robert Black died in prison in 2016, leaving a legacy of terror and a trail of unspeakable crimes across the UK and Europe. Black, a convicted child murderer, was suspected of killing numerous young girls, ultimately being found guilty of the brutal killings of four children. His death in … Read more