Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Suspected in Red Sea Ship Explosion Without Casualties

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – A recent explosion near a ship in the Red Sea has raised suspicions of an attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Fortunately, the blast did not result in any damages, as confirmed by authorities. The master of the vessel reported the explosion and thankfully, no injuries were reported, according to the … Read more

Explosions rock Gulf of Aden as Yemen’s Houthi rebels target Singapore-flagged ship, sparking chaos

Houston, Texas – An attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels resulted in explosions near a Singapore-flagged ship in the Gulf of Aden. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of maritime traffic in the region. The explosions, which occurred ahead of the ship, have heightened tensions in the area, known for its strategic importance for … Read more

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Attack and Damage Merchant Ship in Strait of Bab el-Mandeb

SANAA, Yemen – Houthi rebels in Yemen are suspected of attacking and causing damage to a merchant ship in the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb on Sunday, with the crew forced to abandon ship. The UK Maritime Trade Organization (UKMTO) reported the incident, although it did not explicitly link it to the Houthi group, which has … Read more

Houthi Targets Strikes: Dramatic Footage Captures Explosions in Yemen After US and Britain Launch Fresh Attacks

Sanaa, Yemen – Explosions were reported in Yemen after the US and Britain launched fresh attacks on Houthi targets. Video footage suggests that the strikes caused large explosions on the ground. The ongoing conflict between Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government has resulted in a devastating humanitarian crisis in the region. The Houthi rebels, who … Read more

Yemen Ground Photos Reveal US and UK Airstrikes on Houthi Targets

Yemen – The US and UK militaries conducted airstrikes on multiple Houthi targets in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, as reported by a US official and a UK official. Video footage shared on social media showed numerous explosions in Saada province, Yemen. The authenticity of the video has not been independently verified. The military action comes … Read more