Idris Elba Launches ‘Don’t Stop Your Future’ Campaign to Ban Machetes and Zombie Knives

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Actor Idris Elba has launched a powerful campaign called ‘Don’t Stop Your Future’ to push for a ban on machetes and zombie knives in response to the alarming number of teenage murders in 2023. Elba, who was born in Hackney, unveiled the campaign with a thought-provoking installation in Parliament Square. The … Read more

Amnesty Sees Over 700 ‘Zombie Knives’ Handed in to Police

Police in Humberside, United Kingdom, have reported that over 700 knives, including “zombie knives,” were turned in during a recent week-long amnesty. The assortment of surrendered blades varied from everyday kitchen knives to particularly menacing weapons, according to authorities. The initiative was part of Operation Sceptre, a national effort to combat knife-related crimes. Supt Jenny … Read more