Landslide Tragedy Strikes Remote Papua New Guinea Village, Leaving Thousands Buried

A massive landslide struck the remote village of Yambali in the Enga Province of Papua New Guinea, resulting in numerous fatalities. The village, located approximately 600 kilometers northwest of Port Moresby, was devastated as homes and food gardens were buried under the mass of debris. Although an estimated 3000 individuals are believed to be trapped … Read more

Landslide Disaster Strikes Six Remote Villages in Papua New Guinea, Fear of Many Fatalities

A massive landslide in Maip Mulitaka, located in Papua New Guinea’s Enga Province, has raised concerns over the loss of life and property, according to officials and aid agencies. The landslide struck six remote villages, burying over 100 homes in its wake. The incident occurred in the highlands of Enga, causing uncertainty over the number … Read more

Landslide Tragedy Strikes Remote Papua New Guinea Village: Multiple Deaths Reported

Enga Province, Papua New Guinea – A massive landslide has devastated a remote village in Papua New Guinea, leading to scores of casualties and extensive destruction. Reports indicate that Yambali village in Enga Province bore the brunt of the disaster, with homes and food gardens buried under a mass of debris, trapping an estimated 3000 … Read more

Landslide Tragedy Leaves Scores Dead in Remote Papua New Guinea Village

A massive landslide has struck a remote village in Papua New Guinea, causing significant devastation and claiming the lives of numerous individuals. The incident took place in Yambali village, located in Enga Province, approximately 600 kilometers northwest of the capital, Port Moresby. Reports from residents on the ground indicate that the landslide buried homes and … Read more