Golan Heights Fires Ignited by Lebanese Drones and Rockets

Israel’s Golan Heights region experienced a barrage of rockets and explosive drones originating from Lebanon, igniting fires in the area. This attack has raised tensions in the already volatile region. The incident occurred amidst escalating hostilities between Israel and Lebanon, warranting a closer look at the ongoing conflict dynamics. The attack resulted in fires spreading … Read more

Border Incident: Four IDF Soldiers Wounded by Explosion on Lebanese Side

Metula, Israel – Four IDF soldiers were injured in an explosion on the Lebanese side of the border with Israel during border security operations. The IDF is currently investigating the cause of the explosion, but has not indicated any immediate threat or attack from Hezbollah. The injured soldiers, belonging to Sayeret Golani, Yahalom, and Egoz … Read more

Explosion Survival Miracle: Lebanese Jewellery Maker Cheats Death Amid Chaos

Beirut, Lebanon – In August three and a half years ago, a day that started like any other for Ghazal and her 18 colleagues ended in a miraculous escape from a devastating explosion. As Ghazal recounts the events of that fateful day, she reflects on the narrow sequence of events that spared her life, a … Read more