Trio Charged in Violent Hermon Robbery: Suspects Nabbed with Drugs at Local Hotel

Bangor, Maine — Following a brutal assault in June, three individuals, including one local resident and two from out of state, face Class A felony robbery charges, authorities said Friday. The suspects were identified by law enforcement as Tory Kindred, 45, originally from New York and residing in Old Town; Thomas Pope, 47, of Sicklerville, … Read more

Bronx Deli Mugging Suspect Nabbed in Connection to Fatal Shooting of Party Promoter

The Bronx, New York – A suspect has been apprehended for the killing of a 29-year-old party promoter during a mugging at a Bronx deli. Shward Bee, 31, has been charged with murder, robbery, and weapons possession in the slaying of Stefon Barnes at the Tremont Gourmet Deli in East Tremont on March 31. The … Read more