Mourners march and hold mass hug to remember Prague shooting victims

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Hundreds of mourners gathered in Prague to honor the victims of a shooting at a hospital in Ostrava. The mourners marched through the city and held a mass hug to express their condolences and show unity in the face of tragedy. The shooting, which occurred on January 4th, resulted in the … Read more

Czechs March in Silence to Honor Victims of Mass Killing in Prague

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Hundreds of students and other Czechs participated in a silent march through the streets of Prague on Thursday to honor the victims of the country’s deadliest mass killing, which occurred two weeks ago and left 14 people dead. The march commenced at an impromptu memorial in front of Prague’s Charles University … Read more

Unity Takes Center Stage in Honoring Victims at Prague Procession Through Historic Streets

Prague, Czech Republic – A procession is set to take place, starting from the U Černá Matka Boží house to Celetná Street on Staroměstské náměstí, and ending at Kaprova Street where the faculty building is located. The event is organized to express unity and to honor the victims by forming a human chain at the … Read more

Mass Shooting at Charles University Rocks Prague with Grief and Shock

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – In the wake of a tragic school shooting at Charles University, the city is coming together for a solemn vigil to honor the victims. Czechs across the country are grappling with the aftermath of the mass killing that claimed the lives of 14 people, leaving the community in shock and disbelief. … Read more