Bridge Demolition Clears Path for Ship Recovery and Port Reopening

Baltimore, Maryland – The sound of explosives echoed across the city of Baltimore on Monday as crews initiated a carefully planned demolition of a collapsed section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, marking a significant step towards freeing the Dali container ship from its entrapment amidst the wreckage. The controlled detonation sent mangled steel trusses … Read more

Israel Approves Reopening of Erez Crossing Amid Reports of Gunfire and Explosions

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The Erez crossing, linking northern Gaza to Israel, has been given the green light for reopening by Israeli authorities after being closed due to the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas. CNN correspondent Nic Robertson has provided firsthand accounts of the recent developments near the crossing, which has been … Read more

Reopening of Dollar General in Jacksonville Sparks Mixed Emotions in Community

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – After more than four months since the racially-motivated mass shooting at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, the store has finally reopened. For some, this news brings a sense of relief, while for others, it remains heartbreaking. Inside the store, significant changes have been made, including wider aisles, new lighting, and new flooring. … Read more

Reopening: Jacksonville Dollar General Mass Shooting Store to Reopen After Tragedy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Dollar General store in Jacksonville’s New Town area is preparing to reopen its doors after a tragic mass shooting took place in the store, resulting in the deaths of three Black individuals. The shooting occurred four and a half months ago when an Orange Park man entered the store and killed … Read more