Family Fights for Bonnie and Clyde’s Burial Will to Reunite Them After 90 Years

Gibsland, Louisiana – Ninety years after their infamous deaths, the tale of Bonnie and Clyde still captivates. The notorious crime spree of this Depression-era couple, which included the killings of nine law enforcement officers, has left an indelible mark on American history. Now, two of their relatives are pushing to fulfill their wish to be … Read more

Andes Plane Crash Survivors Turn to Cannibalism in 1972: Survivors Reunite in 50th Anniversary Event

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — The 1972 plane crash in the remote mountains of the Andes led to a horrific ordeal of survival, in which victims resorted to cannibalism to stay alive for 72 days before being rescued. This harrowing tale of tragedy and resilience has now been adapted into a new Netflix film called Society … Read more