Secret Killer and Super-Spy: Stakeknife Inquiry Unveils British-Irish Covert War at Its Core

Belfast, Northern Ireland – In the heart of Northern Ireland, memories of a conflict that spanned decades still linger. The sound of a pan banging, a chilling signal for suspected informers during the Troubles, echoes in the minds of those who lived through the tumultuous times. The Troubles, a period of intense political and social … Read more

Murderous Love Triangle: Wife and Secret Lover Plot and Kill Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III, After a New Year’s Plot Turned Deadly

St. Joseph Township, Michigan – The murder of Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III on New Year’s Eve 2018 sent shockwaves through his community and the nation. As he stood near his vehicle in his father’s driveway, he was shot multiple times. The tragedy prompted a frantic 911 call from his wife, Army Spc. Kemia Hassel, … Read more

Investigation for Murder Charges Comes Under Light as Wife Accused of Killing Brothers During High-Speed Chase in Mercedes SUV Blames Alleged Secret Lover

Los Angeles, California – A high-profile murder trial is underway in Los Angeles, where socialite Rebecca Grossman is accused of causing the deaths of two young brothers in a tragic car accident. The 60-year-old is alleged to have been driving her Mercedes SUV at 81mph when she struck and killed eight-year-old Jacob and 11-year-old Mark … Read more

“Iowa Teen’s School Shooting” – Parents Shocked by His Secret Intentions

Perry, Iowa – After a tragic shooting at Perry High School on the first day back from winter break, the community is reeling from the devastating loss of an 11-year-old student and injuries to several others. The assailant, 17-year-old Dylan Butler, took his own life after the attack. The parents of the shooter released a … Read more

Serial Killer Shipman Timed Suicide for Wife’s £100k Pension Payout: Secret Prison Records Reveal

London, England – Notorious serial killer Harold Shipman was sentenced to life in prison in January 2000, but his motives for committing the murders remain unknown. Shipman took his own life while in prison on January 13, 2004, in a calculated move that would ensure his wife received a substantial pension payout. Prison records suggest … Read more