Survivor of Gas Explosion Finds Silver Lining in Tragedy

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – A survivor of a gas explosion in Phoenix, Arizona, has managed to turn a tragic event into a positive experience that is inspiring many. Instead of letting the devastation consume her, she has found strength and resilience in facing adversity head-on. After the explosion demolished her home, she decided to channel her … Read more

Fatal Crash Involving White Pickup and Silver SUV in Edgecombe County Leaves Three Dead and Several Injured, Causes Closure of US-64 Alt

EDGECOMBE COUNTY, N.C. — A tragic crash on US 64 Alt in Edgecombe County has resulted in multiple fatalities. A white pickup truck collided with a silver SUV, claiming the lives of three passengers in the SUV. The collision also left one passenger critically injured, who was airlifted by helicopter, while the SUV driver sustained … Read more