Survivor Traumatized by Repeatedly Testifying in DC Court Over Early Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The impact of a traumatic event can continue to haunt survivors long after the initial nightmare is over. Kristen Hubbard, a survivor of a brutal crime from 1992, finds herself repeatedly reliving her trauma in court due to legislation aimed at giving young offenders a second chance at life. This legislation, known … Read more

Racketeering Convictions in Northern Virginia Murder Trials Reveal Chilling Gang Initiation Practices, Killing Defenses, and a Testifying Traitor

Dumfries, Virginia – Six alleged members of the MS-13 gang are on trial for murder and racketeering in Northern Virginia, accused of terrorizing Prince William County with a string of killings from June to September 2019. The gang members, affiliated with the notorious La Mara Salvatrucha, targeted rival gang members and innocent civilians in a … Read more