Construction Worker Injured in Waste Disposal Truck Accident at TSMC Phoenix Campus

Phoenix, Arizona – A driver of a waste disposal truck was hospitalized on Wednesday after an incident at the construction site of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in Phoenix. The Taiwanese chip giant’s campus in Phoenix is currently under construction, with various ongoing activities that support the development of their operations in the United … Read more

Explosion at Waste Facility in Pickering Leaves Four Workers with Minor Burns

Pickering, Ontario – Four workers sustained minor burns in a truck explosion at a waste facility in Pickering on Tuesday afternoon. Durham Regional Police and Pickering Fire Department swiftly responded to the incident at a GFL Environmental Inc. site on 1070 Toy Avenue. Three of the injured workers were promptly taken to local hospitals for … Read more

Waste Crisis: Big Companies Vow to Tackle Plastic Pollution

In New York City, there is a growing crisis as plastic waste continues to inundate landfills and contaminate the environment. Despite this alarming trend, major corporations claim to have solutions in place to tackle the issue. However, critics argue that these efforts may fall short of making a significant impact on the escalating problem of … Read more

Revocation of Santa Paula Waste Plant Permit Marks Victory for Community Safety

Santa Paula, California – Residents of Santa Paula, California, can finally breathe a sigh of relief after almost a decade of fear and uncertainty. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors made a decisive vote on March 26 that brought closure to a chapter of the city’s history marred by a catastrophic incident. In the early … Read more