Tasmanian Abattoir Under Fire for Alleged Animal Cruelty

SHEFFIELD, Tasmania – Activists have uncovered new footage allegedly showing animal cruelty at a Tasmanian abattoir in the state’s north. Last year, the Farm Transparency Project targeted Tasmanian Quality Meats after releasing disturbing videos. Now, Local Meat Co in Sheffield has come under scrutiny.

The Farm Transparency Project released additional images and videos on Tuesday, allegedly captured by individuals who illegally entered and installed cameras at Local Meat Co in 2023. The footage shows what activists claim to be mistreatment of animals at the facility.

The Local Meat Co has responded by condemning the alleged mistreatment of animals in the footage, stating that they have taken immediate actions to improve their facility and retrain staff. This includes terminating workers seen mishandling animals and implementing a one strike and you’re gone policy. The company also expressed that the footage is unacceptable.

Harley McDonald-Eckersall from the Farm Transparency Project asserts that the latest footage is part of a comprehensive investigation into five Tasmanian slaughterhouses. He warns that there is more to come and accuses the state government of tolerating the treatment of animals at these facilities. In response, Minister for Primary Industries Jo Palmer announced the creation of an investigative taskforce to uphold the highest standard of animal welfare across the state’s livestock processing industry.

Tasmanian Greens Leader Rosalie Woodruff criticized the government for attempting to hide from the truth and called for regulated CCTV surveillance and monitoring. She emphasized that systemic cruelty in the abattoir industry cannot be ignored and must be addressed.

This ongoing investigation has raised concerns about animal welfare in the Tasmanian meat industry and has prompted calls for tougher regulations and oversight to ensure the humane treatment of animals. The state government’s response and actions moving forward will be closely watched to maintain the reputation of Tasmania’s livestock processing industry.