Terror Battle in Tulkarm: IDF Kills Five Attackers in Intense Confrontation

TULKARM, West Bank – In a targeted operation, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) engaged in a lengthy firefight in Tulkarm to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for the killing of Elhanan Klein. The overnight mission, which extended into Saturday morning, resulted in the successful elimination of five terrorists from a suspected terror cell by IDF forces, including navy personnel and the Israel Security Services.

The operation, which had been monitoring the cell for six months, culminated in a confrontation in a densely populated residential area late Thursday evening. The terrorists, using civilian cover to avoid detection, were intercepted by Israeli forces just before allegedly planning another major terrorist act.

During the intense firefight that ensued for over 12 hours, an elite IDF commando sustained critical injuries and is currently receiving treatment at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. Led by Menashe Brigade Commander Ayoub Kayouf, the operation employed stealth tactics to swiftly apprehend the terrorists with minimal civilian involvement and collateral damage.

Following the initial clash, where terrorists barricaded themselves inside a house and engaged in a gunfight with IDF soldiers, the standoff only ended after prolonged exchanges of gunfire. Even after the building was destroyed, two terrorists emerged from the debris, leading to further confrontations before being neutralized.

In addition to the successful operation in Tulkarm, the IDF also conducted raids in the village of Deir al-Ghusun, targeting the terrorists responsible for the attack near Beit Lid that claimed the life of Elhanan Klein last November. Five wanted individuals were arrested in the nearby village of Sebastia near Nablus as part of the coordinated efforts to dismantle terrorist networks in the region.

As the IDF continues its operations in the West Bank, the recent mission in Tulkarm highlights the ongoing efforts to maintain security in the area amidst threats from terrorist elements. The deployment of advanced tactics and technology, coupled with the bravery and dedication of IDF personnel, remains essential in combating terrorism and ensuring the safety of civilians in the region.