The Treasury Is Stonewalling Republicans’ Efforts To Secure Hunter Biden’s Financials

The audacity with why they refuse to release Hunter Biden’s financial statement is almost as awful as the Biden administration’s exploitation of federal agencies to do the Biden Family Business’s bidding. Comical? Yes, in a sense. Why should there be repercussions for the Biden family? Unacceptable? Certainly! 

As another example of a “conflict of interest,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has “delayed” (at least temporarily blocked) a House Republican request for information on financial transactions involving the Biden family that may have been flagged as suspicious, according to The Hill. According to the report, the disclosure must first be reviewed to determine if it is consistent with “longstanding Executive Branch interests.”

Memo to Secretary of the Treasury Yellen:

Let’s compare and contrast “The Big Guy” and his crackhead son Hunter’s “proven ties” with their multiple, questionable business dealings — with questionable transfers of money from Communist China to the former, along with “longstanding Executive Branch interests?”

In a January letter to Secretary Yellen, House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Kentucky) sought suspicious activity reports about the Biden family. When identifying suspected financial transactions, banking institutions produce and submit suspicious activity reports to the federal authorities.

Treasury issued a rebuke to Comer’s request on Wednesday, writing: It is crucial for a requesting committee to clearly state its purpose in obtaining the requested information and how it intends to use the information so that the Department can determine the appropriateness and consistency of the disclosure in light of longstanding Executive Branch interests, such as the protection of ongoing investigations conducted by law enforcement.

Again, the “interests of the Executive Branch”? Do you consider the interests of the American people and the legitimacy of the federal government, Madam Secretary? Or, under the pretense of defending the Executive Branch, does the Biden Family Business take precedence?

Unsurprisingly, Comer was not pleased with the stonewalling:

This organized attempt by the Biden Administration to conceal facts regarding President Biden’s and his family’s dubious financial dealings is frightening and raises several questions. Comer said they would continue to demand access to suspicious activity reports created for the Biden family and their connections. If necessary, we will use the gavel to obtain them.

As noted by The Hill, House Republicans launched investigations in January against The Biden Family Business. On January 8, Comer made it clear, during an epic beatdown of NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, the top priority of House investigations into the Biden family’s activities. Comer said they were not investigating Hunter Biden; they were investigating Joe Biden. He said any American who has followed the political process throughout the previous two administrations would agree that they need to know the level of foreign engagement among the family members of U.S. presidents regardless of what is permissible and what is not. In this regard, Democrats have criticized Kushner, while Republicans, including Comer, have criticized Biden, his son, and his brother. 

In addition, Comer informed Todd that House Republicans have evidence to support their disclosure demands. Comer said that there is proof to support all of their requests. Hunter Biden complained via email and text message about spending so much money on keeping his father awake. The fact that Hunter Biden’s main source of income was from our rivals China and Russia for influence peddling is the reason for alarm. It is something that needs to be investigated. This is not a political issue. The people deserve to know if the president was genuine when he claimed ignorance of his family’s questionable business connections. After determining this, they will proceed to the next level.

Let’s briefly discuss Joe Biden’s “sincerity” regarding his wayward son’s business affairs. Joe has repeatedly offered mutually exclusive assertions. First, he claims he has never discussed Hunter’s international business affairs with Hunter and has no awareness of them. Secondly, he expresses “confidence” that Hunter did not violate any laws throughout his business activities in China and Ukraine.

How can Joe be confident that Hunter did not break the law yet say he has never discussed Hunter’s dubious business transactions with him and has no knowledge of them? At least one of these assertions is false. Joe Biden, of all individuals, lying? Who would have known?