Comer Reveals Concerning Information: Is There a Potential Secret Agenda Within the Department of Justice

In a stunning revelation, Congressman James Comer has raised alarming questions about the Department of Justice’s practices, suggesting the existence of a hidden hit list. Comer’s remarks came during a recent discussion where he expressed his astonishment at the swift actions taken by the Department of Justice against specific individuals. The congressman’s claims have ignited … Read more

GOP Goes Galactic: Senator Rubio’s Startling UFO Disclosure

In a recent conversation with NewsNation, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) spoke on the purported existence of a covert UFO recovery initiative, revealing that high-ranking officials, including those in the Pentagon with significant security clearances, have knowledge of this. As a champion of transparency, Rubio advocates for individuals privy to such classified information to step forward, … Read more

House Oversight Committee Initiates Contempt of Congress Process for FBI Director Christopher Wray

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has announced that contempt of Congress hearings against FBI Director Christopher Wray will commence on Thursday. The proceedings were initiated following a subpoena from Comer and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, demanding the FBI produce an FD-1023 form detailing an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national in exchange for policy decisions.

Did Joe Biden Use Classified Information For Personal Profit?

James Comer (R-Kentucky), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, stated that his panel must investigate if sensitive information discovered at President Joe Biden’s home and the former office was used “to profit for his family.” Monday at the National Press Club, Comer was questioned about Rep. Marjorie Taylor- Greene’s (R-Ga.) suggestion that Biden’s mishandling of … Read more

The Treasury Is Stonewalling Republicans’ Efforts To Secure Hunter Biden’s Financials

The audacity with why they refuse to release Hunter Biden’s financial statement is almost as awful as the Biden administration’s exploitation of federal agencies to do the Biden Family Business’s bidding. Comical? Yes, in a sense. Why should there be repercussions for the Biden family? Unacceptable? Certainly!