Threatening Document Uncovered with Attack Plan for Wilson Middle School Students and Staff

FORT WORTH, Texas – Two students from Northwest Independent School District were arrested after a disturbing document was discovered detailing a planned attack on Wilson Middle School. The document included a “watch list” of 25 middle school students and threatened a total of 32 individuals, both students and teachers.

The alarming discovery came to light after a concerned parent alerted school officials about a potential threat at Wilson Middle School in far north Fort Worth. Upon investigation, officials uncovered an online document outlining the attack plan against students and staff at the school. The document, which officials described as “troubling and violent,” contained specific targets and strategies for carrying out the attack.

Authorities revealed that multiple students had collaborated on the document, which mimicked terroristic threats seen in schools nationwide. The list of names included 25 students and seven staff members from Wilson Middle School. In response, measures were taken to notify the individuals mentioned in the document about the potential threat.

The district’s technology team was instrumental in identifying the two students responsible for creating and editing the document. These students have been taken into custody by Fort Worth police, with pending felony charges. Any other students found to be involved in the document will face consequences in accordance with the district’s student code of conduct.

As a precautionary measure, additional security and counselors will be present at Wilson Middle School for the remainder of the week. The district emphasized the importance of transparent communication and collaboration with law enforcement to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Parents and families will be kept informed of any developments in the ongoing investigation.

This incident at Wilson Middle School follows another school threat in Tarrant County earlier in the week, where students faced a shooting threat at Carroll High School and Carroll Senior High. Classes had to be canceled temporarily, but are expected to resume on schedule. Authorities urge anyone with information regarding the document or the planned attack to contact the Fort Worth Police Department.