Architect Behind Chilling ‘Planning Document’ for Gilgo Beach Murders Faces Multiple Charges

New York, USA – The recent arrest and charges brought against Rex Heuermann, a suspected serial killer dubbed the Gilgo Beach killings suspect, shed light on his chilling “planning document” found by investigators. The architect allegedly detailed a methodical blueprint on how to select, kill, and dispose of his victims, leaving authorities stunned by the … Read more

Arrested Middle School Students Planned Attack on Classmates and Staff, Online Document Reveals

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Two students from a middle school in far north Fort Worth were taken into custody following their involvement in the creation of an online document outlining plans for an attack on students and staff, as per Northwest Independent School District officials. The document, discovered due to a tip from a concerned … Read more

Middle School Student Charged in Planned Attack Document Creation

Fort Worth, Texas – A third student in a far north Fort Worth middle school is facing charges in connection with creating and editing an online document detailing an alleged planned attack against students and staff, according to officials from the Northwest Independent School District. Following a tip from a parent on May 1, school … Read more

Threatening Document Uncovered with Attack Plan for Wilson Middle School Students and Staff

FORT WORTH, Texas – Two students from Northwest Independent School District were arrested after a disturbing document was discovered detailing a planned attack on Wilson Middle School. The document included a “watch list” of 25 middle school students and threatened a total of 32 individuals, both students and teachers. The alarming discovery came to light … Read more