Tragedy: Three Children Killed in Murder-Suicide by Ex-Husband in Gwinnett County Park

Tucker, Georgia – Three children lost their lives in a tragic incident believed to be a murder-suicide after their mother permitted her ex-husband to take them out for a meal, as reported by authorities in Georgia. Gwinnett County Police identified the victims as 13-year-old Arianny Rodriguez, 11-year-old Chadal Rodriguez, and 9-year-old Carlos Rodriguez.

The main suspect in the shooting, 56-year-old Jose Plasencia, is allegedly the ex-husband of the children’s mother. Plasencia, who is also the biological father of the woman’s 6-year-old child, was involved in an altercation upon his arrival, but eventually offered to take the three children for a meal. Tragically, hours later, their bodies were discovered inside a parked car, prompting a devastating reaction from the children’s mother.

Expressing profound grief over the loss, the mother described her profound connection to her children and their sudden absence, turning to a GoFundMe page for support in organizing the funerals of her ‘little angels’. The tragedy has left the community in shock as the investigation continues into the heartbreaking turn of events at the Gwinnett County park.

The devastating chain of events has left a community in mourning, with many seeking answers and support for the family affected by the heartbreaking loss of the three young siblings. As authorities work to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident, the support and sympathy from the community pour in to assist the grieving mother in navigating this unimaginable loss.

In the wake of the horrific incident, questions remain about the events leading up to the deaths of the three children, shedding light on the complexities and challenges faced by families impacted by domestic disputes and violence. As details continue to emerge, the community rallies together to offer comfort and resources to those affected by the devastating loss in Tucker, Georgia. The impact of this tragedy resonates deeply, serving as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and support for those navigating difficult circumstances involving family dynamics and safety concerns.