US Gun Control: New Laws in California, Illinois, and Colorado Aim to Curb Gun Violence

New gun safety laws are being implemented in several states across the United States on January 1st, following a year that ended with more mass shootings than days. States like California, Illinois, and Colorado are enacting extreme risk protection orders, commonly known as “red flag” laws, in an effort to prevent further gun violence. The Gun Violence Archive reported a total of 655 mass shootings in the US in 2023, prompting these new legislative measures.

In California, a law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom prohibits the carrying of concealed guns in 26 different locations, including public parks, playgrounds, churches, banks, and zoos. Similarly, Illinois is set to enforce a law banning the sale of certain types of semiautomatic assault weapons, such as AK-47s and AR-15 rifles, along with the restriction of magazines containing more than 10 rounds for rifles and more than 15 rounds for handguns. Both laws have faced opposition from pro-gun groups, leading to legal battles in multiple states.

Washington state will also implement a new law imposing a 10-day waiting period for firearm purchases, aimed at creating a buffer between individuals in crisis and access to firearms. This law also requires all gun buyers to show proof of safety training. Additionally, Colorado will introduce a law targeting “ghost guns,” which can be assembled at home using parts kits and typically lack a serial number. Pro-gun groups have filed a federal lawsuit against this law, alleging that it infringes on the second amendment rights of gun owners.

The US continues to grapple with widespread gun violence, with more than 18,800 gun deaths, 36,200 gun injuries, and over 24,100 suicides reported in 2023. The need for stricter gun control measures has been a subject of debate and legal challenges, as the country seeks to address the devastating impact of gun-related incidents. The enactment of these new laws represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to curb gun violence and ensure public safety.

In conclusion, the implementation of new gun safety laws in various states signals a proactive approach to addressing the prevalence of gun violence in the US. These measures aim to enhance public safety and prevent further loss of life, amidst a backdrop of ongoing legal challenges and debates surrounding gun control. The desire to address the widespread impact of gun-related incidents remains a critical issue for lawmakers, advocates, and communities across the country.