911 Speech Shows Republican Dismay Over the Sad State of Our Nation

This year, on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., ripped into President Biden’s foreign policy. McCarthy told Fox News that the president’s actions at home and abroad had made the country less safe. Under the Biden administration our country is headed in the wrong direction. The leader of the U.S. should be uniting our nation, but instead, he has caused our country to be more divided.

Remember, 21 years ago today; we had a commander in chief who brought the country together instead of tearing it apart, McCarthy said on “Sunday Morning Futures.” He was talking about a new message from President Biden and the White House that says so-called “MAGA Republicans,” or conservative members of Congress who support former President Donald Trump, are a threat to the country.   He stated that Biden had divided us further and labeled the majority of conservative Republicans a clear and present danger.   According to McCarthy, our nation is more divided today than on Joe Biden’s  Inauguration Day. McCarthy noted that we are headed in the wrong direction and that based on democratic policies, everything costs more. Those costs are expected to rise with the Inflation Reduction Act and the controversial Student Loan Forgiveness.

“Foreign policy is important,” he said next. You saw what happened in Afghanistan, and that was a botched action. Why did we close Bagram’s base? Why did we let those prisoners get out? Why would we even close in and pull out? Why would we pull out without bringing out all the Americans first? According to McCarthy, these decisions should be considered, so they don’t happen again.

McCarthy said that the Biden administration’s plan to bring back the Obama-era international deal with Iran, which President Trump broke on his own in 2018, puts the whole world in danger. Now he is apprehensive about China and Russia’s moves into Ukraine, and he said even on our southern borders, drug cartels are getting stronger every day. There is more fentanyl coming through our borders, but Biden has not even been to the border so that he can witness the crisis. Now we have a government negotiating with the Iranian regime. When we made so much progress with the Abraham Accords, it would be wrong to go back on that, making him worried about what will happen in the future.

The Abraham accords was a joint statement between Israel, the UAE, and the U.S. about maintaining and strengthening peace in the Middle East.

He said that the best way to understand what happened 21 years ago is to observe what is happening now. So, we will never have to deal with anything like that in the future.