Arkansas Mother Continues Push for Justice as Alleged Killer is Back Behind Bars

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – An Arkansas mother continues her fight for justice as the man accused of her daughter’s murder is once again in custody. Donovan Cuthbertson, the suspect in the killing of 33-year-old Racheal Crouch in Pine Bluff, was apprehended in the Dollarway area of Pine Bluff, according to the Pine Bluff Police Department’s announcement on Monday.

Cuthbertson had been previously arrested and was awaiting trial until a technicality allowed him to be released. Elberta Crouch, the victim’s mother, expressed relief at the news of Cuthbertson’s arrest, particularly on her daughter’s birthday, the first one she has spent alone since her daughter’s death last September. Despite the heartache, she finds solace in knowing that her daughter’s alleged killer has been found.

The Pine Bluff Police Department disclosed that Cuthbertson had an active warrant for failing to appear for trial related to Racheal Crouch’s murder and the shooting of a 30-year-old man in Pine Bluff. Cuthbertson had gone on the run after being released on his own recognizance by a judge due to a delay in formally filing charges by the prosecutors.

Elberta Crouch expressed frustration and confusion over the delay in keeping Cuthbertson in custody, stating that her daughter was a kind, loving, and caring person who did not deserve the tragedy that befell her. She emphasized the importance of bringing the case to trial so that her daughter can finally rest in peace.

As she continues to carry her daughter’s memory with her every day, Elberta Crouch remains determined to seek justice for her daughter, highlighting the qualities that made her daughter a cherished individual. With Cuthbertson now back in custody, the path to closure and accountability for Racheal Crouch’s death may finally be within reach.