Arrested: Murder suspect in fatal Melbourne house fire in 2023 captured in Volusia County

Melbourne, Florida – Police in Volusia County have arrested a 43-year-old man suspected of setting a house fire in 2023 that resulted in the death of a homeless person. Theodore Noe faces charges of first-degree murder and arson in connection with the death of David Herles, who suffered fatal burns in the blaze on Guava Avenue in Melbourne.

According to Melbourne police, Herles was found with severe burns and later died at the Orlando Regional Medical Center burn center. Investigators determined that both Noe and Herles were homeless and had been given permission to use the back porch of the residence as temporary shelter.

The motive behind the arson and whether there were any other injuries inflicted before the fire remains unknown. In April, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Noe, and he was located and taken into custody by Port Orange Police. Noe is currently being held without bond in Volusia County Jail, awaiting extradition back to Brevard County.

Sgt. Ben Slover of the Melbourne Police Department stated, “Noe is currently held without bond and pending extradition. We’re waiting to bring him back on extradition.” Detectives, in collaboration with state arson investigators, worked diligently to determine the cause of the fire that led to Herles’ tragic death.

Despite the tragic outcome of the fire, the swift action of law enforcement in apprehending the suspect underscores the dedication to seeking justice in cases of senseless violence. Noe’s upcoming extradition back to Brevard County will mark the next phase in the legal process as authorities work to bring closure to the victim’s family and the community affected by this tragic event.

As the investigation continues, details surrounding the circumstances of the arson and the relationship between Noe and Herles may come to light, shedding more insight into the events leading up to the fatal fire. Authorities remain committed to pursuing all leads and uncovering the truth behind this devastating incident.