Biden Constructs a Wall Around his Beach House in Delaware Using Public Funds.

While President Biden continues to express his strong opposition to constructing a wall along the southern border of the United States, a wall is being built around his Delaware vacation home—with taxpayer funds.

According to information compiled by media sources, Biden has made 57 trips to Delaware, totaling at least 185 days.

For these trips, the government must pay for using Air Force One or Marine One and the Secret Service’s protection services. The President frequently visits his Delaware homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach.

Most of these journeys were made by going straight from the White House to the state of Delaware. According to Knoller, Biden has flown 101 times between the White House or Joint Base Andrews and Delaware, 71 times on Marine One, and 30 times on Air Force One.

Through the years, Knoller has been reporters’ and the White House’s go-to source for White House statistics thanks to his meticulous record keeping.

The President can choose from several other quite cozy weekend activities. It’s no secret that the White House is one of the most stunning private residences in the United States. The presidential retreat at Camp David is only a half-hour helicopter ride away, giving the President even more options for getting away from it all. As President, he has visited only 19 times, fewer times than he has visited Delaware.

Exclusive photos have surfaced, showing that work has begun on the wall surrounding Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home. Since the wall is being built through a government contract with the Department of Homeland Security, it is expected to cost taxpayers $490,324. (DHS).

Images show that work is currently being done on a half-wall of stone and a large black iron gate at the front of Biden’s property, in addition to the tall white fencing and gray stone pillars that already adorn the side of the house.

DHS awarded a contract for increased home security in 2021, which kicked off planning for the wall. Fox News Digital reported in August that the original contract price with Turnstone Holdings LCC was $360,000, so the nearly $500,000 cost to the taxpayer is an increase of $34,000.

In September, workers plan to finish constructing the wall around Biden’s house.

While campaigning for the presidency in 2020, Biden promised that “not another foot” of the border wall would be built if he was elected.

After taking office in 2021’s January, he ordered the termination of all border wall construction, and Congress complied by cutting off all funding.

Despite this, in July 2022, after Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly demanded action to secure the border, the Biden administration subtly approved the development of a section of border Yuma.

However, the federal government filed a lawsuit against Arizona in December for its use of shipping containers to construct a border wall to stem the tide of illegal immigration into the state. The state was accused of trespassing on federal property in the lawsuit.

This past weekend, Vice President Biden made his first official trip to the border as President. During his itinerary, he purposefully skipped over sections of the border wall near El Paso, Texas, that had been built or fortified by Trump. Instead, he went to a pre-existing section of the wall.