Bike Theft ‘Decriminalized’ as 365,000 Cases Go Unsolved in 5 Years, Liberal Democrats Claim

LONDON, UK – The Liberal Democrats have raised concerns about the high number of unsolved bicycle theft cases, which they claim shows that bike theft has effectively been ‘decriminalised’ in the country.

According to official crime data, an average of 200 bicycle thefts occur each day, with no culprit being apprehended, the party has said. This amounts to a total of 365,706 unsolved cases in the last five years, which make up 89% of all bike thefts during that period. Only 2% of these cases resulted in a suspect being charged.

The party’s home affairs spokesman, Alistair Carmichael MP, emphasized the impact of bike theft on individuals, stating that victims not only suffer financial loss but also distress as the high rate of unsolved cases adds insult to injury.

Carmichael also called for a return to ‘proper community policing,’ accusing the Conservative government of neglecting this aspect and leaving frontline police officers without the necessary resources to investigate crimes like bike theft properly.

In response, police minister Chris Philp countered the claims, highlighting the Conservative government’s efforts in reducing theft offences and violent crime, as well as increasing the number of police officers to keep communities safe.

The concerning trend of unsolved bicycle theft cases raises questions about the effectiveness of current policing efforts and the allocation of funds for law enforcement. With crime rates on the rise, there is a need to address the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies and ensure that communities are adequately protected.

The issue of unsolved bike thefts calls for a closer examination of the resources and strategies employed in combating such crimes. The high number of cases left unresolved over the years underscores the need for comprehensive measures to tackle this challenge effectively.

In conclusion, the significant number of unsolved bike theft cases over the past five years has sparked debate about the state of law enforcement and the handling of property crimes in the country. As the Liberal Democrats call for a return to community policing, it is evident that the issue of unsolved bike thefts requires a concerted effort to address and resolve.