Border Patrol Agents Feeling Defeated Before Title 42’s Expiration, Says Union President.

In light of widespread concerns of an even bigger influx after Title 42 ends this week, the president of the Border Patrol Union is saying that agents who are already overburdened by the current crisis at the southern border are feeling ‘totally demoralized.’

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, recently informed a media source that the agents are very quiet on the job because they feel defeated. We used to have a lot of playfulness and joking around, but now the agents are not content coming to work, and there is nothing there.

Due to a court ruling that the Title 42 public health order was unconstitutional, thousands of migrants at the southern border have been sent back since March 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic. This will end on Wednesday, December 21st.

More than 2.3 million migrants were seen at the border in the fiscal year 2022, which is expected to increase in the fiscal year 2023.

Both Republicans and Democrats are worried that if the expulsion order is lifted, there may be a more significant increase.

The government expects between 9,000 and 15,000 daily crossings, so they have asked Congress for an additional $4 billion to prepare for the influx.

The average daily crossings were at 6,500 during the fiscal year 2022.

Border Patrol agents have been dumping off migrants on the street in El Paso, which has seen a 255% increase in apprehensions, and other cities along the border. According to Judd, already poor morale is taking a hit due to the expectation of even greater numbers.

Judd remarked that many agents believe their work is pointless and go through the motions of doing their job despite feeling there is no point.

Increased collaboration with nations in the Western Hemisphere, expanded use of alternate removal authorities, and extended anti-smuggling measures are just a few of the six points the Biden administration highlighted in conjunction with its budget proposal.

During a media tour of the border last week, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas mentioned that his department knows that Title 42 will expire early next week. They’re also well aware that they must cooperate with others, including nonprofits, border communities like El Paso, and even outside countries. They’re making the most rapid progress possible.

The White House has also been encouraging Republicans to approve more spending by citing the administration’s successes in combating smuggling and expanding border security.

According to Judd’s criticisms, DHS has been implementing the same six-point strategy for at least a year. And it has been wholly useless.

He said that the additional funds would be utilized only to expedite the entry of migrants into the United States.

Since the crisis began, Border Patrol morale has been low. A record number of illegal immigrants have been able to bypass agents at the border, prompting agents to criticize the Biden administration’s policy and claim that their tasks have been moved to processing instead of keeping the border and the people of the United States safe.

According to Judd, agents’ roles have expanded to include enforcement and asylum. Instead of monitoring the border, they are currently engaged in arresting individuals. The purpose of their position has never included taking on administrative responsibilities.

He also spoke about the stress and abuse agents on the front lines of the issue suffer daily. Taking into custody people who scream and shout at agents and threaten to rape their wives and kill their children, as one agent described it, is difficult to bear.

Judd said as for what will happen this week, on the 21st and 22nd, a massive rush of people will come through because so many are already camped out on the other side of the border.