Jordan Salutes Palestinians for Defending al-Aqsa Mosque

Jordan’s prime minister hailed Palestinian rioters on Temple Mount for attacking Israelis going to pray at the site, which is Judaism’s holiest. Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said he applauds each Palestinian and Jordanian Islamic Wakf laborer who stands tall like a turret and the individuals who throw surges of rocks at the supporters of … Read more

Anthony Fauci States Americans Should Be Prepared for Likelihood of a ‘More Rigid Type of Restriction’

Dr. Anthony Fauci reported throughout the week that Americans should be sufficiently adaptable to turn back to a world with limitations set up, including “more inflexible” rules, to be explicit — because of the coronavirus. Fauci has utilized ongoing media appearances to warn Americans that while patterns seem, by all accounts, to be heading down … Read more

GOP Rep. Crawford Claims the U.S faces a Food Shortage

On Friday’s broadcast Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) expressed that the U.S. currently faces a food deficiency because of supply concerns making food more challenging to track down at the supermarket and raising costs for food. Crawford said, “I was in our supermarket, in a real sense, 30 minutes prior, and we genuinely have a food … Read more

Dem Rep. Pocan States There’s Been Price Gouging in Oil ‘For Over a Year Now’

On Friday’s broadcast of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) expressed there have been price overcharging “by oil organizations for more than a year at this point.” And that the critical decrease in the cost of oil after President Joe Biden reported he’d set oil free from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve shows that the … Read more

Joe Biden Wants More Sanctions on ‘War Criminal’ Putin

President Joe Biden uncovered that he needs more monetary approvals on Russian President Vladimir Putin and even, a war crime trial  as the intrusion of Ukraine remains. “I’m looking for additional assents. Indeed,” Biden shared with reports after returning to Washington, DC, on Monday morning from a weekend at his home in Delaware. The president … Read more

Exclusive: Illegal Immigrant Charged with Killing Elderly Man, Injuring Three Others in Florida

An illegal immigrant has been accused of killing a 72-year-old person and harming three others in a drunk driving accident in Walton County, Florida. Jose Virgilio Carcamo Elvir, a 42-year-old illegal migrant, was accused of one count of DUI murder, three counts of DUI causing substantial severe injury, driving with a terminated permit, and driving … Read more

European Ban on Importing Russian Coal Means Even Higher Energy Prices

The European Union is prepared to ban Russian coal in the main sanctions of the entire energy industry because of the conflict in Ukraine. However, it has highlighted the 27 countries’ powerlessness to settle on a substantially more embargo on oil and natural gas that would strike Russia harder yet risk a downturn at home. … Read more

Report Reveals Hunter Biden Paid IRS $1M in 2021, Trying to Avoid Conviction or Long Sentence

It was accounted for that Hunter Biden, in 2021, paid an incredible $1 million IRS tax bill to stay away from conviction or a long sentence. Hunter supposedly settled the monstrous tax bill by applying for a new line of credit. The assessment installment doesn’t shield Hunter from any imminent approaching taxes. As a spectacular … Read more

Fauci Warns New Covid Variants Could Lead to Some Restrictions for Covid to be Reinstituted

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief Dr. Anthony Fauci declared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that new variations of COVID could make America reinstitute a few limitations. We are examining the new BA. Fauci said two variations of COVID: It has a level of transmission advantage over the first Omicron. Not a multi-overlay … Read more

Poll Shows More Hispanic Democrats Considering Leaving Their Party

Another poll proposes that more Hispanic Democrats are considering leaving their ideological group than Hispanic Republicans by a twofold digit edge. The bilingual survey was directed by surveyor Eduardo Gamarra, a Democrat, and teacher at Florida International University in Miami, and was commissioned by Americano Media. The outcomes showed uplifting news, however not extraordinary news, … Read more