Cruelty: Johnstown Man Charged with 30 Counts of Animal Cruelty After Leaving 10 Dead Cats and 5 Live Cats Without Food or Water

A Johnstown man is facing 30 animal cruelty charges after authorities discovered the remains of 10 cats and five live cats abandoned at his former residence. Daniel Arthur Gates, 67, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, 10 counts of cruelty to animals, and 10 counts of neglect of animals by Humane Society police officers. The landlord reported the abandoned animals to the Humane Society of Cambria County in Richland Township, prompting a search of the property on Dorothy Avenue.

Upon executing a search warrant on the residence, the Humane Society and city police found 10 deceased cats and five live cats that were left without food or water. The complaint affidavit also mentioned that dogs previously found abandoned at the property were removed with the landlord’s consent. Gates is currently awaiting arraignment on the criminal charges filed before District Judge Brian Subich in Johnstown.

The severity of the animal cruelty charges highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and the legal obligations of individuals towards the animals in their care. The neglect and abandonment of animals can have serious consequences, and law enforcement agencies are committed to holding individuals accountable for such actions. The case serves as a reminder of the significance of reporting suspected animal cruelty and the role of authorities in enforcing animal welfare laws.

The discovery of the deceased and neglected cats at the Johnstown residence has resulted in a series of animal cruelty charges brought against Daniel Arthur Gates. The case underscores the legal obligations of individuals towards the animals in their care and the consequences of neglect and abandonment. The Humane Society and city police’s swift action in response to the landlord’s report also serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting suspected animal cruelty to authorities. It is crucial that individuals are held accountable for their treatment of animals, and law enforcement agencies play a significant role in enforcing animal welfare laws to prevent such cases of neglect and cruelty.