Custody Continues: Cory and Randy Rushkewich Face September Preliminary Hearing in Violent Rosetown Attack

SASKATOON, Canada – Two men, Cory Rushkewich and Randy Rushkewich, are currently in custody awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for September. The duo is facing charges in connection to a violent attack in Rosetown that left a man fighting for his life in a Saskatoon hospital.

Cory Rushkewich, 33, and Randy Rushkewich, 29, were remanded following their court appearances in Rosetown Circuit Court on April 25. Cory Rushkewich had previously been granted bail in December 2023 but was rearrested shortly after for breaching release conditions. Meanwhile, Randy Rushkewich has been held in custody since his arrest in November 2023.

Both brothers are facing charges of aggravated assault, with Cory Rushkewich also facing additional charges of pointing a firearm and robbery. The charges stem from an incident in Rosetown in November 2023, where a group altercation led to a robbery and a serious assault that resulted in one man being hospitalized with severe injuries.

Rosetown RCMP reported that during the altercation, a man stole a cellphone from a woman and brandished a firearm, leading to the assault on the male victim. The victim had to be placed in a medically induced coma at a Saskatoon hospital as a result of his injuries.

The upcoming preliminary hearing in September will shed more light on the case and determine the next steps in the legal proceedings for Cory Rushkewich and Randy Rushkewich. The community of Rosetown continues to grapple with the aftermath of the violent incident, emphasizing the importance of justice and accountability in such cases.

As the details of the case unfold, authorities are working to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions and that justice is served for the victim and their family. The court proceedings will be closely monitored by the public and the legal system to ensure a fair and just outcome for all parties involved in this disturbing incident.