Nova Explosion: Massive Star Event Set to Illuminate Skies in September 2024

London, England – After the recent solar eclipse, skywatchers are now eagerly anticipating a rare celestial event in the Milky Way. A massive star explosion known as a nova, nicknamed the ‘Blaze Star’, is set to occur in the constellation T Coronae Borealis, approximately 3,000 light years away. The explosion, which occurs every 80 years, … Read more

Cosmic Explosion: Rare “Nova” Event to Light Up Sky by September, NASA Says

Houston, Texas – A rare cosmic explosion visible to the naked eye is anticipated to occur by September. The event, described as a “once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity” by NASA, will take place when the T Coronae Borealis (T CrB) star system explodes after a thermonuclear reaction. This phenomenon, occurring roughly every 80 years, is an extraordinary … Read more

Vallejo Couple to Face Jury Trial in September for 2018 Fatal Robbery in Solano County

Vallejo, CA – A Vallejo couple is set to stand trial in Solano County Superior Court for a fatal 2018 robbery. Devonte Levan Hicks, 28, and Jessica Marie McCraven, 36, appeared in court on Friday, where they were ordered by Judge John B. Ellis to return for a jury trial on September 4th in Vallejo’s … Read more

Teens Arrested for Murder Charges in September Shooting Incident

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Two teenagers were arrested on Thursday and are now facing murder charges in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred in September. According to a news release from the Fort Wayne Police Department, the suspects, Terrance Sanders Jr., 18, and Christopher Recht, 19, were taken into custody without incident and are … Read more