Immigration Detainee Charged in Violent Assault: Government ‘deeply concerned’

Perth, Australia – The Australian government expressed deep concern after a former detainee was charged with a home invasion and assault on a 73-year-old woman. The incident involved three individuals, one of whom was recently released from immigration detention. Following a ruling by the High Court declaring indefinite detention unlawful, over 150 men were released in November.

The assault took place earlier in April, with the trio posing as police officers to gain entry into the home of Ninette and Philip Simmons. The offenders then proceeded to assault Philip, tying his hands behind his back, before stealing valuable jewelry amounting to $200,000. The violent nature of the invasion has shocked the community and raised questions about the safety of former detainees.

Industry Minister Ed Husic conveyed the government’s deep concern over the incident, emphasizing the need to protect the public from such occurrences. Husic mentioned the challenges posed by court decisions requiring detainee releases and the measures being put in place to address these concerns. The minister expressed sympathy for the victims and pledged to take necessary steps in response to the situation.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton called for accountability from government officials regarding the incident, highlighting the need for transparency and oversight. Dutton criticized the government for what he deemed as incompetence in handling immigration policies, calling for stronger legislation to address such criminal behavior.

In response to the incident, Western Australia Police detective inspector Gary Butler expressed concern over the impact on the victims and reassured the community of ongoing efforts to seek justice. Butler noted that the investigation aimed to uncover the motives behind the attack and ensure the safety of community members moving forward. The assault has left a lasting impact on the Simmons couple, with their lives forever changed by the traumatic experience.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of the assault, questions arise about the effectiveness of immigration policies and the need for stronger measures to prevent similar incidents. The government faces pressure to address these concerns and ensure the safety and security of all citizens. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by criminal behavior and the importance of proactive measures to safeguard communities.