Jewelry Store Robber Found Guilty in Wilmington Hammer Attack Trial

WILMINGTON, DEL. – A man was found guilty by a New Castle County jury for assaulting a jewelry store owner during a heist in downtown Wilmington. Calvin Ushery, 40, was convicted of assault, robbery, and weapons charges after a two-hour deliberation. The robbery gained national attention as surveillance video from the store circulated following the incident. This was Ushery’s second trial, with the first ending in a mistrial due to a deadlocked jury.

Leading up to the trial, Ushery rejected two plea deals from prosecutors which would have capped his potential sentence at 25 or 20 years. If not sentenced as a habitual offender, he could face between seven and 75 years in prison. A sentencing date has been set for July.

The surveillance footage from the jewelry store showed a man wearing a mask and sunglasses entering and violently attacking the 68-year-old store owner with a hammer. The robber proceeded to gather items from the store before fleeing the scene. The owner spent four days in intensive care following the attack.

Prosecutors presented evidence of Ushery attempting to sell stolen jewelry at local pawn shops a week after the heist, leading to his arrest. They emphasized similarities between Ushery’s appearance and that of the robber in surveillance footage, pointing to forensic data showing Ushery’s phone in the vicinity of the store during the robbery.

Defense attorney Matthew Keating argued that Ushery was unfairly targeted as the suspect, noting inconsistencies in the evidence presented by prosecutors. Prosecutors urged the jury to consider the actions and behaviors of Ushery, highlighting his actions following the robbery as evidence of guilt.

The jury deliberated on the evidence presented, ultimately finding Ushery guilty of the charges. The case shed light on the impact of violent robberies on small business owners and the efforts of law enforcement to bring perpetrators to justice. Police continue to investigate similar cases to ensure the safety and security of the community.