Pistol-Whipped Robber in Houston Shot and Killed by Bystander at Gas Station

HOUSTON, TX – An attempted robbery at a gas station in northwest Houston turned deadly early Saturday when a bystander shot the robbery suspect, according to the Houston Police Department. The incident occurred around 12:37 a.m. at a gas station in the 11000 block of Ella Boulevard. A man and his girlfriend were at the … Read more

Suspected New York Robber of $1m Jewelry Killed by US Marshals

Authorities in New Jersey have shot and killed 41-year-old Shamar Leggette, a suspect in the 2022 robbery of nearly $1 million in jewelry from a Brooklyn bishop that was captured on a live stream. The U.S. marshals attempted to detain Leggette at a New Jersey hotel on Wednesday afternoon. According to two senior law enforcement … Read more

Gun Battle Erupts at Gateway ICT Polytechnic Hostel, Robber Shot Dead by Police

Ode Remo, Nigeria – A hostel in Ode Remo, where students from the Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade reside, was plunged into chaos on Thursday morning as a gun battle erupted between the state police command and suspected robbers. According to reports, the police engaged in a gun duel with armed robbers, resulting in the death … Read more

Baker Woman Fights Off Robber to Protect Hard-Earned Christmas Money

HOUSTON, Texas – A 32-year-old Houston woman is hesitant to leave her secure gated apartment complex after a terrifying encounter with a would-be robber. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, expressed feeling traumatized and unable to walk with peace of mind as she did before the incident. The harrowing … Read more

Infamous Serial Killer and Grave Robber, Ed Gein, Inspires True Crime Mini-series on MGM+

PLAINFIELD, WISCONSIN – The chilling and horrific story of Ed Gein, infamously known as the “Butcher of Plainfield,” continues to captivate the world with its shocking details. Gein, one of the most notorious serial killers in history, confessed to two murders but is suspected of several others. His gruesome acts included digging up graves, stealing … Read more

Robber Behind Deadly Denny’s Shooting Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison

MANASSAS, Va. — A man involved in the robbery of a Denny’s restaurant that resulted in a fatal shooting has been sentenced after pleading guilty to multiple charges, including felony murder. The incident took place in the early hours of December 26, 2019, when Ryan Walker and Jordan Anderson entered a Denny’s restaurant and held … Read more

DEADLY HOUSTON ROBBERY: Suspected Robber Killed Outside Southeast Apartment

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) — A suspected robber was killed in a shooting outside an apartment in southeast Houston early Saturday morning. Authorities are investigating the incident, which occurred on Maxwell and Lindstone Street. According to police, a woman was dragged out of her pickup truck at gunpoint by two armed individuals while she was preparing … Read more

Grand Jury Clears Unidentified Man Who Fatally Shot Robber in Houston Restaurant

HOUSTON, TEXAS – A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, has decided not to press charges against a man who shot and killed a robber at a restaurant in Houston last year. According to a statement released by the Harris County District Attorney’s office, the grand jury chose not to file charges against the unidentified … Read more

Texas Vigilante Case: No Charges Filed Against Customer Who Killed Restaurant Robber

Houston, Texas – A grand jury in Texas has decided not to press charges against a customer who shot and killed a would-be robber in a Houston restaurant last year, after the customer claimed he was protecting everyone in the restaurant. The incident occurred when Eric Eugene Washington, 30, attempted to rob the El Ranchito … Read more