Transgender Woman Struck Partner with Claw Hammer, Denied Home Detention

Hamilton, New Zealand – Jazz β€˜Ra’ Rima-Samuels, a transgender individual, faced a sentencing hearing at the Hamilton District Court after attacking her partner with a claw hammer, causing severe injuries. Rima-Samuels, also known as David Rima-Samuels in court, argued against a prison sentence, citing challenges as a transgender person in the prison system. During the … Read more

Elderly Man Attacked in Grocery Store Restroom with Hammer: Suspect Charged with Attempted Murder

DULUTH, Minn. β€” An elderly man in Duluth, Minnesota, is currently recovering from severe injuries after a brutal attack at a local grocery store restroom. The 81-year-old victim was using the restroom when a man emerged from a stall and viciously assaulted him with a hammer multiple times in a random and violent attack. Lance … Read more

Man Who Brutally Attacked Paul Pelosi with a Hammer in 2022 Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

San Francisco, California – A man who brutally attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer in 2022 has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Northern California. David DePape, 44, was found guilty of assault and attempted kidnapping in November for his failed attempt to take former House Speaker … Read more

Hammer Joke Sparks Controversy: Fox Host Mocks Pelosi’s Husband’s Safety

Madison, Wisconsin – Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy made a controversial joke regarding a hypothetical violent attack on the husband of former Speaker of the House, Paul Pelosi. Campos-Duffy’s comment has sparked outrage and calls for accountability. During a segment on Fox News, Campos-Duffy suggested that maybe Paul Pelosi, the husband of current Speaker of … Read more

Pelosi’s Husband Mocked: Fox News Host Makes Controversial Hammer Joke After Biden Awards Medal of Freedom

Washington, D.C., – Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy stirred controversy with her remarks on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, following President Joe Biden awarding the former Speaker with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. During a segment on Jesse Watters Primetime, Campos-Duffy made a joke about a violent attack on Paul Pelosi, implying that he needed … Read more

Jokes About Violent Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s Husband: “He Needs a Hammer” – Fox Host Sparks Outrage

Washington, DC – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently addressed a disturbing incident involving her husband in which a Fox host made a joke about a violent attack. Pelosi stated that she has chosen not to discuss the incident with anyone and has advised her family to do the same, trying to push the incident out … Read more

Jewelry Store Robber Found Guilty in Wilmington Hammer Attack Trial

WILMINGTON, DEL. – A man was found guilty by a New Castle County jury for assaulting a jewelry store owner during a heist in downtown Wilmington. Calvin Ushery, 40, was convicted of assault, robbery, and weapons charges after a two-hour deliberation. The robbery gained national attention as surveillance video from the store circulated following the … Read more

Hammer Attack Killer Receives Life Sentence for Manslaughter

Birmingham, United Kingdom – A man has been handed a life sentence after being found guilty of a violent hammer attack that resulted in the death of his friend. Gary O’Neill, 32, was arrested following a phone call made by bus passengers from Birmingham to Glasgow who overheard him discussing the attack. While cleared of … Read more

Convicted ‘Hammer Man’ Faces Justice for Violent Attack

A man known as the “Hammer Man” has been convicted for a violent attack in Middletown, New York. The incident took place on a busy street, where the man assaulted a victim with a hammer, causing serious injuries. The assailant was arrested shortly after the attack and charged with various criminal offenses. During the trial, … Read more

Bail Denied for Cork Man Accused of Boiling Water and Hammer Attack

Cork, Ireland – A 63-year-old man from Cork, Ireland, faced the High Court in an appeal for bail after being accused of attacking his sleeping wife with boiling water and a claw-hammer. The accused, Noel Twomey, was denied bail and was remanded in custody for a further two weeks. This decision came after the Director … Read more