Mount Horeb School District Reunites Families After Active Shooter Incident

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – Families in the Mount Horeb School District in southwestern Wisconsin breathed a sigh of relief as they were reunited Wednesday evening following a frightening incident involving an active shooter near the middle school.

The incident unfolded as breaking news when reports of a lockdown surfaced around 11:30 on Wednesday morning. State Attorney General Josh Kaul confirmed that the young suspect, a 14-year-old student within the district, tragically lost his life.

Parents, students, and community members were left reeling from the ordeal, with one parent expressing the terror of receiving a call from their frightened children while being miles away.

According to the Mount Horeb School District, the suspect tried to enter the middle school but was unable to do so. The teenager was seen approaching the school premises carrying what seemed to be a long gun.

In a reassuring development, the district later announced that the threat had been neutralized outside the school building. Thankfully, no other individuals, whether students, staff, or law enforcement, were harmed in the incident. The process of reuniting students with their parents was conducted in phases over the course of the evening.

State officials spoke out on the events of the day, highlighting the nightmare scenario that unfolded. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to restore a sense of safety, particularly for the children affected.

Governor Tony Evers also pledged support for the Mount Horeb School District and the community at large. The district superintendent shared that students and staff would have a day off on Thursday for rest and that the school would remain open for community support. Plans were set in motion for a return to regular classes on Friday, with further updates to follow.