State of Emergency Declared as Title 42 Is Set To Expire on May 11

It should be easy to convince anyone who is not part of the Biden administration that our southern border is currently in a state of crisis, and there are no indications of improvement. Add to this already out-of-control issue, Title 42, the clause that permitted the federal government to detain additional illegal immigrants under pandemic procedures, is about to expire on May 11.

It is anticipated that the situation at the border will worsen before it gets better. Consequently, border cities are starting to declare a state of emergency in anticipation of potential invasions after the expiration of Title 42.

El Paso, Texas, Mayor Oscar Leeser is worried about what the expiration of Title 42 will do. On Sunday, Leeser announced a state of emergency to prepare for May 11. According to the New York Post, the mayor has expressed concern that his border city may have difficulties handling the influx of migrants seeking aid. The number of migrants is expected to increase as the US ends the pandemic-era policy that allowed officials to return millions of people to Mexico.

The state of emergency is expected to last 30 days. Leeser will almost certainly request that the federal government create more shelters for illegal immigrants and provide greater security to deal with the flood of migrants. El Paso has received $22.5 million in support from the United States.

El Paso has declared its second emergency in the last six months. Over 1,000 people cross the border at El Paso every day, which is expected to rise to 10,000-12,000 per day once Title 42 is repealed. According to The Washington Post, over 20,500 migrants are currently in custody along the southern border, and almost 7,000 were caught in the Rio Grande Valley sector alone. There were around 7,000 daily encounters in late April, and CBP officials have cautioned that the number will increase in the upcoming weeks.

Leeser, a Democrat, has already sparked controversy by busing illegal immigrants to New York City, and he has repeatedly defied his party on the border problem. On Sunday, he also emphasized that the homes El Paso has constructed are only temporary, and the city has no intention of permanently harboring illegal immigrants. He has also advocated for a shift in the country’s border policy.

There is no endgame here; Lesser said they could not continue as a city or country unless the federal government changes federal laws. According to Lesser,  the process is currently broken and hasn’t been fixed in many years.

The current administration under President Biden has not taken significant action toward resolving the border situation. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris has been assigned to oversee this issue, despite concerns regarding her ability to handle significant matters.

According to CNN, Brownsville, another Texas border municipality, also declared a state of emergency. According to Commissioner Nurith Galonsky Pizana, the migrants passing through Brownsville are not planning to settle there. The individuals have a final destination beyond Brownsville, and their asylum-seeking process and relocation to their final destination will be managed through due process.

As May 11 draws near, more border cities will likely follow suit by declaring a state of emergency.