Marjorie Taylor Greene Doesn’t Want A Civil War, Urges Biden Administration to Address Border Crisis

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia recently suggested that states might contemplate secession if the Biden administration does not address the border crisis. Greene expressed her concerns on X, a social media platform, stating, “If the Biden admin refuses to stop the invasion of cartel-led human and drug trafficking into our country, states should … Read more

Biden’s Asylum Strategy Under Fire: Judge Blocks New Rules

A federal judge has halted the implementation of the White House’s new asylum rules for individuals seeking refuge at the U.S.–Mexico border, marking a victory for left-wing immigration groups. U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar, appointed by President Obama and presided in Northern California, deemed the rules unlawful due to their imposition of conditions that Congress … Read more

Over 40 Texas Counties Declare State of Invasion – What’s Next?

The judges and commissioners from Frio, Karnes, La Salle, and Medina counties in Texas have declared an invasion at the southern border. These county officials have joined forces with Atascosa County Judge Weldon Cude, who was elected recently, to form a new coalition. The purpose of this coalition is to encourage other counties to declare … Read more

In California, DeSantis Raises Funds And Takes Shots At The Governor

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, recently held a fundraising event near the residence of California Governor Gavin Newsom. This move comes after weeks of tension between the two governors, resulting in a feud that benefits both of them politically. The closed-door fundraiser, priced at $3,300 per plate, occurred … Read more

Orange County Challenges NYC Over Illegal Immigrant Hotel Placement

Orange County has initiated legal proceedings against New York City following an event where NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams transported numerous undocumented immigrants to a hotel in Newburgh. The lawsuit, submitted on May 12, states that Adams lacks the legal capacity to operate a temporary refuge in the county. It seeks immediate reversal of the transfers and a halt to such actions in the future.

State of Emergency Declared as Title 42 Is Set To Expire on May 11

It should be easy to convince anyone who is not part of the Biden administration that our southern border is currently in a state of crisis, and there are no indications of improvement. Add to this already out-of-control issue, Title 42, the clause that permitted the federal government to detain additional illegal immigrants under pandemic procedures, is about to expire on May 11.

Record-Breaking Seizures of Illegal Immigrants and Fentanyl at the Southern Border.

Despite harsh criticism from Democrats and the media, a border security operation in Texas has captured many illegal immigrants, including thousands of criminals, and the seizure of millions of pills of fentanyl. In March 2021, as an unlawful immigration crisis swept throughout his border state, Governor Greg Abbott initiated a scheme known as Operation Lone Star.