Record-Breaking Seizures of Illegal Immigrants and Fentanyl at the Southern Border.

Despite harsh criticism from Democrats and the media, a border security operation in Texas has captured many illegal immigrants, including thousands of criminals, and the seizure of millions of pills of fentanyl. In March 2021, as an unlawful immigration crisis swept throughout his border state, Governor Greg Abbott initiated a scheme known as Operation Lone Star.

Abbott’s Win Means More Buses Of Migrants Are On The Way

Abbott’s re-election ensures the migrant resettlement scheme will go on. Texas and Arizona governors have sent buses filled with thousands of migrants from the border to a sanctuary city. Recent bus passengers have been predominantly Venezuelans trying to get out of their country. Abbott has dispatched busloads to New York, Chicago, and the Washington, DC area (including Kamal Harris’s home).

Transporting Migrants Works; DeSantis and Abbott Easily Win Re-Election

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas, who clashed with the Biden administration over their policies of transporting illegal immigrants into the country, won their re-election Tuesday night.
Both Republican candidates won their elections in Florida and Texas after easily defeating high-profile opponents Charlie Crist and Beto O’Rourke early in the evening. More than 98% of the votes had been counted as of Wednesday morning when Abbott led O’Rourke by more than ten percentage points, and DeSantis led Crist by nearly 20 points.
Read on to find out why they won so easily.