Stream Happy Face Killer via Hulu: True Crime Movie Based on Infamous Serial Killer’s Reign of Terror

Portland, Oregon – True crime enthusiasts who are fans of serial killer documentaries are in for a treat with the movie Happy Face Killer. The film, directed by Rick Bota, delves into the terrifying story of a serial killer who took the lives of at least eight women, sparking a nationwide manhunt that ultimately led to his capture. The killer, known for his chilling letters adorned with a distinctive happy face, becomes the focus of an intense investigation by law enforcement.

Happy Face Killer is available to stream on Hulu, offering viewers the opportunity to delve into the dark and twisted tale of Keith Jesperson, a long-haul truck driver responsible for the deaths of multiple women over a two-year period. The film explores the motives behind Jesperson’s heinous acts, linking them to personal and professional setbacks. Despite the killer’s attempts to mislead law enforcement, the FBI and local authorities work tirelessly to bring him to justice.

David Arquette takes on the role of Keith Jesperson in the film, while Gloria Reuben portrays FBI agent Melinda Gand, and Daryl Shuttleworth fills the role of the Ruskin County Sheriff. The movie provides a gripping and intense viewing experience, drawing audiences into the disturbing world of a notorious serial killer.

Aspiring viewers can access Happy Face Killer on Hulu by subscribing to the streaming service. There are various subscription options to choose from, each offering different features and benefits. It’s important to note that streaming service availability is subject to change, so potential viewers should verify the information at the time of their intended viewing.

In summary, Happy Face Killer is a must-watch for true crime aficionados, offering a chilling and compelling portrayal of the crimes committed by the infamous serial killer Keith Jesperson. Through gripping storytelling and powerful performances, the movie provides a haunting glimpse into the mind of a cold-blooded murderer.