Shark Attack Movie in the Works from ‘Dead Snow’ Director Tommy Wirkola

Los Angeles, California – Acclaimed director Tommy Wirkola, known for films like “Dead Snow” and “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,” is diving into the thrilling world of shark attack movies. Wirkola, hailing from Norway, is no stranger to crafting intense and action-packed films that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Wirkola’s decision to … Read more

Teen Shot and Killed in Fight Outside Georgia Movie Theater Leaves Family Grieving

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — The shooting death of 14-year-old TraQuavis Holloway has left a family in mourning. Holloway had pleaded with his father to take him to the movies that Saturday night, and despite his initial reluctance, his father eventually relented and dropped him off at the Galleria Cinema. But just 20 minutes later, Holloway … Read more

Male Idol Anime: Exploring the Booming Genre in Japan with IDOLiSH7 the Movie and KING OF PRISM

Tokyo, Japan – Japanese anime and manga have become a global phenomenon, with a massive following around the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at the booming genre of male idol anime, which has been gaining immense popularity in Japan. One anime production, in particular, IDOLiSH7 the Movie, has grabbed the … Read more

Survive: Spanish Disaster Movie Becomes Netflix’s Top Film Worldwide 50 Years After Tragedy

Mendoza, Argentina. The anniversary of the 1972 Andes tragedy, in which 16 people survived for over two months in extreme conditions after a plane crash, has resurfaced in popular culture thanks to the recent release of the movie “Society of the Snow” on Netflix. Adapted from the book “Society of the Snow” by Pablo Vierci, … Read more

Dramatic Movie ‘Society of the Snow’ Pays Tribute to Survivors of Andes Plane Crash in Realistic Recreation of 1972 Tragedy

A community in Fray Bentos, Uruguay is earning high praise for its accurate portrayal of the devastating 1972 Andes plane crash involving a Uruguayan rugby team. The new Netflix drama, “Society of the Snow,” directed by J.A. Bayona, tells the harrowing story of the survivors’ 72-day ordeal after the tragic crash in the Andes mountains. … Read more

West Virginia’s 1950s Book & Movie Adaptation Based on a Serial Killer

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The 1955 film, “The Night of the Hunter,” directed by Charles Laughton, was shot and set in West Virginia and was inspired by a 1953 novel by Davis Grubb. The movie is based on a book by a Moundsville native, which in turn was inspired by a serial killer in the area. … Read more

Movie Society of the Snow Depicts the Harrowing, Inspiring True Story of the Andes Plane Crash Survivors

CARACAS, Venezuela – Netflix’s new movie, “Society of the Snow,” delves into the gripping true story of the survivors of the 1972 Andes plane crash. The film has garnered widespread praise from both critics and audiences, shedding light on the harrowing experiences of the survivors who braved the perils of the mountainous terrain. Only 16 … Read more

Society of the Snow: Real Photos Confirm Movie Accuracy

Photos of the Snow Village, located in Lapland, Finland, have surfaced, revealing the real-life winter wonderland and its striking resemblance to the popular movie setting. The Snow Village, an icy attraction that boasts elaborate ice sculptures, igloos, and a hotel made entirely of snow, has gained attention for its similarities to the fictional village featured … Read more

Netflix launches harrowing new movie “Society of the Snow” based on true story of 1972 Andes plane crash

MADRID, Spain – The new Netflix film, “Society of the Snow,” is based on a true story of survival in the Andes Mountains. The film is inspired by the real-life events of a plane crash in 1972 that left a Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the mountains, where they resorted to cannibalism for survival. Directed … Read more