India Cooperating with Canada After Tensions Over Murder Investigation: Says Top Canadian Official

OTTAWA, Canada – After tensions flared over the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia, India is now working with Canada to improve bilateral ties, according to a top Canadian official. In an interview with CTV, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser, Jody Thomas, expressed optimism about the progress in the … Read more

Man in Custody for Decapitation and Hollywood Funeral for Matthew Perry – Nov. 4 Top Stories

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Survive: Spanish Disaster Movie Becomes Netflix’s Top Film Worldwide 50 Years After Tragedy

Mendoza, Argentina. The anniversary of the 1972 Andes tragedy, in which 16 people survived for over two months in extreme conditions after a plane crash, has resurfaced in popular culture thanks to the recent release of the movie “Society of the Snow” on Netflix. Adapted from the book “Society of the Snow” by Pablo Vierci, … Read more

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Texas Rangers Website Highlights Top Cold Cases from 1979 Onward

AUSTIN, Texas – Despite having a strong track record of solving homicides, some cases remain unsolved in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, 68% of homicide cases are cleared by arrest or other means, but the remaining cases are classified as cold cases. In these instances, the Texas Rangers may step in … Read more

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Parole Granted, Then Rescinded for KK’s Corner Killer: 2023’s Top 10 Stories

Lake Charles, LA – Thomas Cisco, the convicted murderer in the infamous KK’s Corner triple homicide case, was granted parole on February 8, 2023, after serving 24 years of his 90-year sentence. However, the decision was quickly rescinded the following day, leaving the community and victims’ families in shock and disbelief. Back in 1997, Cisco … Read more