Acquitted Man in Tina Fontaine Case Found Dead in Ontario: Truth Taken with Him

KINGSTON, Ontario – A man who was acquitted in the trial for the death of Tina Fontaine has been found dead in Ontario, leaving many questions unanswered. His passing has sparked sorrow and frustration among those seeking justice for Fontaine’s tragic death. The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was previously on trial for … Read more

Acquitted Suspect in Sarabjit Singh Killing Shot Dead in Lahore

LAHORE, Pakistan – Pakistani authorities are delving into the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a man acquitted of killing Indian spy Sarabjit Singh in a Lahore prison in 2013, a police official disclosed on Sunday. Allegations of Indian intelligence agency involvement in killings inside Pakistan have been made in the past. Pakistani officials claim … Read more

Shooting Death of Acquitted Man Investigated in Pakistan After 2013 Killing of Accused Indian Spy

LAHORE, Pakistan – Authorities in Pakistan are currently investigating the fatal shooting of a man previously cleared of the killing of accused Indian spy Sarabjit Singh in a Lahore prison back in 2013. The victim, identified as Amir Tamba, was a key suspect in Singh’s death, which had heightened tensions between India and Pakistan – … Read more

Football Star O.J. Simpson, Acquitted in High-Profile Murder Trial, Dies at 76

Las Vegas – Former football star and Hollywood actor O.J. Simpson, famously acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend in a highly publicized trial, has passed away at the age of 76. The news of his death was announced by the family on Simpson’s official social media account. He succumbed to prostate … Read more

Elijah McClain’s Killer Convicted of Homicide Then Acquitted

Aurora, Colorado – The only Colorado police officer convicted in the death of Elijah McClain has been sentenced to 14 months in jail. The incident, which took place in August 2019, involved the police stopping the 23-year-old McClain as he was walking home from a convenience store. McClain, a massage therapist known for his volunteer … Read more