Drug Addiction Crisis in Fort McPherson Linked to Housing Issues and Colonial Legacy, Residents Struggle to Cope

Fort McPherson, located above the Arctic Circle along the Peel River in Canada, is grappling with a drug addiction crisis that residents attribute to housing issues, colonization-driven lifestyle changes, and the bold actions of drug dealers. The small hamlet of 750 residents faced a community-wide mental health emergency in November when five individuals succumbed to … Read more

Addiction Battle Ends in Tragedy: Houston Police Search for Killer of Jennifer Ramirez

Houston, Texas – A family in Houston is reeling after the tragic death of Jennifer Ramirez, a woman whose battle with addiction led to her untimely demise. Ramirez, a mother, sister, and wife, was found shot and buried in a shallow grave behind an apartment complex on Fuqua Street, according to the Houston Police Department. … Read more

Suboxone Life Changer: Public Health Campaign Fights Opioid Addiction

Jamestown, New York – In Chautauqua County, a federal study on addiction is underway, with a focus on a medication-assisted treatment program for opioid use disorder. This approach has been life-changing for individuals like Jessica Crooks, who has been using Suboxone to manage her heroin addiction for the past five years. Crooks shared that Suboxone … Read more

Convenience Stores: The New Culprits in the Ongoing Youth Addiction Crisis

Jackson, Mississippi – In the midst of a mental health and substance use disorder crisis, the United States is facing a growing problem with unregulated substances of abuse being sold in convenience stores. While efforts to curb overdose deaths are largely focused on substances like fentanyl and xylazine, another crisis is quietly brewing in the … Read more