Attack: Israel Strikes Iran Airbase Near Isfahan

Isfahan, Iran – Israel launched a surprise attack on Iran overnight, escalating tensions in the region following a recent full-scale attack by Tehran on Israeli territory. The attack resulted in explosions near the central city of Isfahan, home to a major military airbase and nuclear facility. Reports indicate that three drones were shot down by … Read more

Middle East Tensions Rise as Explosions Heard Near Shekari Army Airbase in Iran

Isfahan, Iran – Reports have emerged of multiple explosions near the Shekari army airbase in the northwest of Isfahan province, as Iran’s Fars news agency confirmed. According to Iran’s space agency spokesman Hossein Dalirian, several drones have been successfully shot down in the area as well. As tensions escalate in the region, nuclear facilities in … Read more

Explosions reported at Russian Navy airbase in Crimea: Developing Story updates

Dzhankoi, Crimea – Explosions rocked the town of Dzhankoi in occupied Crimea near a military airfield during the early hours of April 17, as reported by Russian-affiliated telegram channels. Subsequently, a significant fire erupted at the airfield following the blasts. The Russian Navy’s Dzhankoi airbase, situated just outside the town, houses the 39th helicopter regiment … Read more