Fatal Multi-Vehicle Wreck on I-85 near Alabama-Georgia Border Shocking Authorities

Multiple deaths were reported in a crash on I-85 near the Alabama-Georgia border, according to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office. The incident occurred just past the state line in Georgia. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office did not release any details about the cause of the crash or the number of vehicles involved. However, it was … Read more

Multi-Fatality Wreck at Alabama-Georgia Border Causes Traffic Diversion and Shutdown of I-85

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. – Multiple people were killed in a fatal wreck at the Alabama-Georgia border on Monday morning. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the occurrence of a “multi-fatality” wreck in Alabama, just past the state line. Details on the cause of the wreck and the exact number of casualties were not immediately available. … Read more

multi-fatality wreck on I-85 near Alabama-Georgia border, sheriff reports

LAGRANGE, Ga. – The Troup County Sheriff’s Office reported a tragic multi-fatality wreck just past the state line in Georgia. The wreck occurred near the Alabama-Georgia border, leading to several deaths as confirmed by authorities. The details of the accident, including the cause and the number of vehicles involved, have not been disclosed at this … Read more