Abducted Louisiana Children Found in Mississippi – One Dead, One Alive: Suspect Arrested

Jackson, Mississippi – A tragic incident unfolded when a Louisiana woman was discovered deceased in her home, and her two young daughters were reported missing, only to be found later in Mississippi – with one child dead and the other child alive, as confirmed by the authorities. The suspect in this heart-wrenching case has been … Read more

Gangster Goldy Brar Alive: Sheriff Debunks Fake News of Fatal Shooting in California

Fresno, California – Indo-Canadian gangster Goldy Brar, previously believed to be a victim of a fatal shooting in California, has been confirmed alive by the Fresno County Sheriff. Reports of his death were dismissed as fake news by law enforcement officials. Earlier speculations circulating on social media and online news agencies alleging Brar’s involvement in … Read more

Important: Help Keep Independent Journalism Alive Today

In Chicago, Illinois, individuals like you play a pivotal role in supporting the ongoing operations of The Journal. Our commitment to providing accurate and unbiased news is made possible through the contributions of our readers. While advertising revenue partly sustains our mission, this year has presented unforeseen challenges that have strained our resources. The value … Read more

Lewis County Fire Victims Likely Alive When Fire Started: Shocking Autopsy Details Revealed

IRELAND, W.Va. – Recent findings by investigators suggest that two of the five victims in a tragic house fire on Glady Creek Road last month were potentially still alive when the blaze broke out. According to Lewis County Sheriff David Gosa, the victim who succumbed to smoke inhalation and an infant were likely breathing at … Read more

Andes Plane Crash Survivor Proudly Ate Dead Friends to Stay Alive

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – A survivor of the 1972 Andes plane crash has recently spoken about the gut-wrenching decision he and his fellow survivors had to make in order to stay alive in the snowy, desolate mountains. Eduardo Strauch, now 76, was one of the 16 survivors who managed to endure the horrifying ordeal. After surviving … Read more

Alive vs Society of the Snow: Contrasting Portrayals of Andes Flight Disaster

Bogotá, Colombia – The 1972 Andes flight disaster has been portrayed in two different films, “Society of the Snow” and “Alive”, which were released 30 years apart. Both movies depict the tragic event in unique ways, highlighting the 12 biggest differences between them. One noticeable difference between the two portrayals is the time frame in … Read more

Survivor of 1972 Andes Plane Crash Reveals Chilling Pact to Stay Alive in New Film Discussion

Mendoza, Argentina – To commemorate the premiere of Juan Antonio Bayona’s latest film ‘Society of the Snow’, Euronews Culture revisits the story of Fernando Parrado, a survivor of the 1972 ‘Miracle of the Andes’ plane crash. Parrado shares the chilling pact he and his fellow passengers made to endure and survive. Parrado, now 72 years … Read more